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Hier finden Sie Bilder und Artikel (meistens in Englisch) von einigen vorherigen Reisen. Manche dieser Artikel sind in verschiedenen Zeitschriften erschienen.


» Impressions of Africa - Remy Scheidegger &
   girlfriend Nicky rented a plane, packed a tent
   and went off for a one month unplanned
   adventure, Nov 2012

» A Blog setup by Sebastian de Groot &
   Malinda Portwig, during their loose formation
   flight of 2 x C182s through SA, Namibia,
   Botswana and Zim.

» Do it yourself AFRICAN AERO SAFARIS -
   an article as appeared in the May '12
   edition of the SA Flyer mag, written by
   Jonathan Mutch.

» The flying bushhawks - a website setup by
   regularly returning german bushpilots Reinhile
   Schneider & Sönke Reif

» Great photos taken by Jonny & Suzie Mutch
   who toured SA, Namibia & Botswana together
   with their son - August 2011.

» Facebook page of 5 x C182 formation, with a
   great group of Kiwis through SA, Botswana &
   Zimbabwe - July 2011.
   Individual flight tracks (Spidertracks satellite
   tracking was on-board one of the aircraft)  

» 3 Aircraft formation through SA - January 2011
   Pictures taken by all, sorted and uploaded by
   Martin Endemann.
   Lisa's photos - Lisa put together her own
   album with her pictures.

» AOPA Pilots & Planes - Holland - an article
   written by Hand Philipse about his flying trip
   through South Africa with safety pilot.
   (in Dutch, .pdf, 500kb)

» South African World Cup Stadiums - Robert
   Grahn of euroluftbild.de came over on contract
   to make aerial photographs and videos of the
   Stadiums, February 2010

» The flying bushhawks, November 2009.
   Reinhilde Schneider und Sönke Reif berichten
   von ihrer zweiten selbstflieger Tour bei uns.
   ( auf Deutsch, PDF, 2.5MB).

» Bushpilots Zuidafrika, September 2009
   An account of a tour written by Aart Oosterhuis
   (in Dutch, Word Document, 30kb)

» Another Port St. Johns landing video by
   Matthijs & Peter-Jan van Es, June 2009

» Thomas Eichmann uploaded a few pictures
   and a Port St. Johns landing video of his tour
   with his girlfriend Kristina, April 2009  

» Bushpiloten Abenteuer im Südlichen
   Afrika, April / Mai 2008, geschrieben von
   Reinhilde Schneider und Sönke Reif
   (auf Deutsch, 1.8MB)

» Jean-Noel Philippe setup a Blog of his self-
   guided tour in April 2008 (in French)

» Moz, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, April 2007
   photos & article / newsletter (PDF, 800kb)

» Namibia & Botswana, October 2006
   photos & article (PDF Document, 100kb)
   As appeared in the January 2007 edition of African Pilot

» Adventure Flying SA by Turlough Martin
   (Word Document, 90kb)
   As appeared in the Flyer Magazine, UK, Oct 2005
                                  Australian Flying, April 2006
                                  African Pilot, SA, Oct/Nov 2006

"Nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank für die super Tour, hat großen Spass gemacht mit dir! Vielen Dank auch für deine unkonventionellen Vorschläge und die ganzen unvorher-gesehenen Abenteuer, war alles perfekt, wir hätten noch ewig so weitermachen können!"
Martin Schilt & Simon Grendene, unplanned with safety pilot (Dec 2012)

"Rueckblickend noch Mal ein grosses Lob, alles haette nicht besser sein koennen. Die beiden Wochen waren geradezu genial."
Adrianus & Susanne den Hertog, safety pilot tour (Nov 2012)

"The memories of our wonderful flying safari are still fresh as is our fondness of IFB and MZV. We feel very privileged to have been able to celebrate Malinda's special birthday with her and Bas in such style and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Albert. It was undoubtedy a trip of a lifetime. Thanks a million."
Lynn Sadler
"We had dinner over at Bas and Malinda’s last night and reminisced about our amazing trip to Africa. Thanks again for organizing such a great trip, would not have changed any of it. "
Kim Sadler
2 x C182 formation through SA, Namibia, Botswana and Zim with one safety pilot on board (Nov 2012)
Sebastian & Malinda setup a blog of the trip.

"...our travel to South Africa was a great adventure and a great relaxation at the same time. Definitely it was the most impressive trip in our life. Both sides were excellent - flying and land activities. Thank you for the perfect planning...Special thanks to Albert for his professional attitude and friendliness."
Oleg Mikhalev & Marina Troshenkova (Aug 2012), safety pilot tour

"Wir, Siggi und ich und auch noch die beiden "Dachauer", bedanken uns nochmals für die perfekt vorbereitete Reise...In jedem Falle werde ich Dich an meine "Fliegerkollegen" weiterempfehlen"
Helmut & Sieglinde Fuchs & friends (Oct 2011), C182 self guided for a month with 4 pax

"Firstly I want to thank you on behalf of the group, which I know will be unanimous, for a great trip...It went way smoother than I expected & really hoped for...I was very pleased & impressed with the way that Silke and you slotted into the group like you had both known us for years. We did not have a group of 11 kiwis & a couple of safety pilots on the trip, we had a group of 13 friends & passionate fliers united!"
"I hope you are up to it again, because we are looking at being on for it again next year."
"Keep on doing what you are doing the way you are doing it".
Richard & Kim Primrose - Kiwi Tour Leaders
Phil, Judy, Marlene and I arrived back in NZ last week ending one of our greatest holiday experiences. Thanks again for all your hard work. The game parks were great but my best memories are flying down the Zambesi & Shashe Rivers."
Roy & Marlene Marsden
"...that hasn't stopped us reflecting, looking at photos and pinching ourselves over the wonders of our African trip. Just one of the best and we congratulate you for your excellent organisation and leadership, with the help of Silke and planning with the help of Richard."
Jim & Sue Cleland
"You are not alone in getting your head around the fantastic trip. For Judy and I, it was the best most exciting holiday we have ever had. Thank you so much for your efforts with us all as it was due to your planning and organisational skill that made it work."
Phil & Judy Pacey
5 x C182 formation through SA, Botswana & Zimbabwe
(July 2011)

"Thanks again for the perfect organization of our tour - you got exactly the right mixture of careful pre-planning for the major stops and ad-hoc changes to allow for some adventure. And the weather was perfect as well...I also attached the track of our beautiful ZA trip - nice memory."    Martin Endemann
Thank you for the organisation of our fantastic trip! In my memories and also in of my daughter's Lisa this will remain forever as a wonderful experience!"     Alberto Boetti
"...it was a wonderful trip! I loved what I've seen of South Africa, the special places we went to, the company and the flying...that flight from Stellenbosch to Joburg; that was awesome and didn't even feel like 7 hours to me..."     Lisa Boetti
"Just a line to say thank you for arranging a fantastic and most memorable holiday in South Africa for all of us. I think it is something which we will all remember and talk about for years to come and I should'nt be surprised if at least some of us will be back again"     Con McCarthy
3 Aircraft Formation Trip through South Africa (Jan 2011)

"Die Tour war perfekt und alles hat super geklappt, nur die Flüge entlang der Küste mussten wir wegen tiefer Wolken ausfallen lassen. Auch die Unterkünfte waren toll, am meisten hat uns die Lodge am Fish River Canyon beeindruckt...Mit Silke haben wir uns prima verstanden, sowohl ich fliegerisch als auch alle zusammen persönlich. Sie war als Eingeborene und auch persönlich eine grosse Bereicherung für unsere Reise.
Vielen Dank für die gute Organisation.
Hermann Andreas (Dec 2010), Namibia C210 safety pilot tour

"The standard of accommodation you got us was excellent - The Etosha people were waiting on the airstrips for us. FYOO was in bad shape - came in low and slow, in hindsight the road to the airstrip would have been better to land on. I took off from the dirt track next to the runway, very short field technique - up in under 250m . FYNA was well maintained no issues there.
All in all Markus a great trip - thank you very much.
Rob Churchward (July 2009), self guided tour

"I had a wonderfull time. I must thank you for the hours and I am glad that I made you work hard...Best wishes to Carmen and CC and Pete and Ariana (?) and ... er ..... well everyone"
Aart Oosterhuis (July 2009), safety pilot tour

"I really enjoyed the trip in South Africa. Feel much more comfortable in the plane in back here as well now.
See you when we're back. Hopefully within 2 years"

Matthijs & Peter-Jan van Es (June 2009), safety pilot tour

"...würde ich gern einen kleinen Reisebericht über unser phantastisches Flugabenteuer schreiben...Du bekommst auf jeden Fall meine uneingeschränkte Unterstützung."
Thomas Eichmann (April 2009), safety pilot tour

"We both thoroughly enjoyed the trip...Will contact you in November before we return in Stellenbosch about the use of the aircraft. "
Kees Meijer (September 2008), safety pilot tour

"Wir hatten eine grandiose Tour...Nochmals herzlichen Dank für Alles, Du warst für uns der beste Reisebegleiter, den man sich vorstellen kann. "
Jürgen Scholle (May 2008), safety pilot tour

"...Concerning the trip I wouldn't change anything. All places were nice and different...game viewing was excellent...it was without doubt the best holidays we had in family and will stay in everyone's memories for ever...Keep going with your business, I'm very impressed by your entrepreneurship...All the best to you and long life to Bushpilot Adventures... "
Jean-Noel Philippe (April 2008), self-guided tour, see his blog

"Lieber Markus, nochmals herzlichen Dank für den super Fliegerurlaub. Ich kam gut heim und denke gern an die Zeit in Südafrika. Führen mich meine Wege irgendwann wieder in die Nähe, komme ich sicher beim netten CC vorbei, um nochmal zu fliegen. Beste Wünsche... "
Jürgen Hoppe (March 2008), self-guided tour

"Hi Markus...CC is a great teacher and unmatched pilot... One possibility is to engage you and your 182 some time in the future. "
Jim Franz (Sep 2007), safety pilot tour

"Hallo Markus...vermisse ich das südliche Afrika eigentlich schon seit meiner Landung hier wieder...beim Anschauen der Bilder würde ich am liebsten gleich wieder den Koffer packen und runter kommen. "
Peter Ronniger (Oct 2006), after his first guided tour...a few months later he was back for another adventure