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Duration 9 days
Total direct distance 1600 nm
Approx. flying hours 18 hrs

Difficulty level

Somewhat technical
Bush strips, understanding ATC

Experience required Minimal with safety pilot
Moderate if self-guided
Best time of year Possible year round
Best April - October (dry season) although during the wet season it's mainly isolated TS to contend with.
Level of accommodation Exclusive lodges, 4 star
Suitability for partners Very scenic and lots of ground activities, perfect for a couple or also flying partners.
Price On request

Botswana, home to the San Bushman and land of the famous Okavango Delta. And then Zimbabwe, somewhat politically unstable, but absolutely stunning and inhabited by very friendly people (don't let the politics scare you away!) Both teaming with wildlife, there's hardly a better place to experience real deep bush country. You'll be accommodated in luxury camps and guided through the bush by very knowledgeable game rangers. Game viewing is enjoyed entirely by yourselves and only a handful of others, unlike the hordes scrambling for a peak in neighbouring countries. On the other hand, you'll also get to fly over and overnight at the mighty Victoria Falls, it's thundering waters testament to the power and beauty inherent in nature. And Lake Kariba offers a relaxing retreat in the midst of elephants and hippos.
This trip is geared towards those that enjoy adventurous exclusivity, and want the most out of every minute, while not wanting to compromise on the rawness of the African beat.

Day 1:
Pilanesberg is your first customs & immigration stop as you start your journey, after which you check into Botswana a short hop over the border in Gaberone. Soon enough you'll be out of radio coverage, flying over the massive expanse of the Kalahari Desert. The first night will be spent at the campfire of a bush lodge in the Kalahari. You'll also have the option to join a captivating tour with the San Bushman, on which they'll show off their hunting techniques and survival skills.

Day 2 & 3:
During your morning flight you may get to see the migrating Zebra and Wildebeest from the Makgadikgadi Pans into the bush (or vice versa), a monumental sight, especially from above. Maun is the capital of the district, and probably one of the busiest bushplane airports on the continent. The apron is packed with C206's, Caravans (C208), Norman Islanders and Skyvans. These aircraft service the camps in the Okavango and surrounds, an area otherwise inaccessible without a boat. After refuelling it's time to really keep a lookout for animals as you're now over the Okavango Delta, a massive inland maze of waterways teaming with wildlife. This is one of Africa's premier destinations.
Over two days and nights in the Okavango Camp you will get to learn a lot about the animals around you, as the knowledgeable guide tracks and finds the more impressive game. Game viewing is done by 4x4, Makoro (dug-out canoe), or if you wish then even on foot, a somewhat chilling experience when suddenly confronted by a lion. But no fear, the game ranger knows exactly what he's doing, and such encounters make for interesting stories around the campfire at night.

Day 4:
From the Okavango you fly over the Linyanti and Savuti area, and eventually meet up with the Chobe River. Following this river low-level you will get to see massive breeding herds of elephant, hippos, crocodiles, and a myriad of other wildlife. You'll need to check out of Botswana at Kasane, for the flight into Zimbabwe towards Victoria Falls. These are visible from a distance as "smoke" on the horizon (hence the local name, Mosi-oa-Tunya, "the smoke that thunders"). After some orbits overhead the Falls you'll land at Vic Falls International, and transfer to the hotel to enjoy the Falls from the ground. Best rent a raincoat as you'll soon enough experience the drenching effect of that "smoke".

Day 5 & 6:
Departing Vic Falls you follow the massive gorge created by the Falls and the River downstream, until finally the gorge flattens out and a Lake appears in the distance. This is Lake Kariba, one of the biggest man-made lakes worldwide. The shores are teaming with Hippo and Elephant, and soon enough you'll be on final approach to Bumi Hills (make sure there's no elephants crossing the runway!)
The Bumi Hills Resort is perched on top of a Hill overlooking the expansive Lake Kariba, Elephants bathing down below, isolated thundershowers rumbling off in the distance. Enjoy a drink around the pool or jump into a game vehicle or boat, you could even try your hand at casting a line for the fighting Tigerfish.

Day 7 & 8:
Routing South you fly over the beautiful Sengwa Gorge and African planes towards Bulawayo, your exit point from Zimbabwe. From here it's further South till you reach the border, and from there you follow the Shashe Riverbed low-level down to the Mashatu Game Reserve.
Mashatu is one of those underrated and unfamiliar Game Reserves which should form part of anybody's itinerary when in the area. Famous for it's leopard, lion & wild dog, a mesmerizing landscape and yet again the game rangers who's knowledge will captivate you, this is a great place to relax and spend the last two nights of your tour.

Day 9:
Within a minute of taking off from Mashatu you'll be crossing the Limpopo River, the border to South Africa. After clearing immigration at Polokwane you'll have the option to detour to the Blyde River Canyon, after which it's a relatively short flight back to Pretoria.